Creating game-changing engineering solutions

The Group's objective is to create game changing advanced material solutions for its blue chip customer base.


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About us

We utilise proprietary materials technology to create innovative engineering solutions that are capable of having game-changing impact in a broad variety of industry sectors.

Founded in 2010, we have continued to develop advanced materials and processes to satisfy customer-specific applications whilst expanding our portfolio of intellectual property through acquisition.

Our product offerings are capable of having a game-changing impact in a broad variety of industry sectors.



“We have shown great progress in our graphene businesses. It is a very exciting time ahead, and we look forward to more collaborations and the commercialisation of our technology.”



October 2017

Israel Aerospace Industries

To develop and test Versarien’s Nanene few-layer graphene nano-platelets in aerospace composite structures.


November 2017

Global consumer goods company

To research, develop and test Nanene in polymer structures.


December 2017

US global chemical supplier

To use our Nanene and other 2D products in different potential applications.


January 2018

Global apparel manufacturer

To incorporate graphene into fabrics and high performance sportswear.


January 2018

Graphene manufacturing facility

A Letter of Intent was entered into with Chinese partners.


February 2018

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

To develop a range of graphene-based sensor technologies to enable the creation of digital bandages and wound dressings.


February 2018


To develop a range of footwear that incorporates graphene to enhance material performance.


March 2018

Team Sky

To explore the benefits of adding graphene to high performance cycling equipment.


March 2018

Aerospace sector

To research and develop projects using Nanene in base materials and sensory devices used in a variety of products.


Post year end 31 March 2018


April 2018


To incorporate graphene into polymers to enhance mechanical strength and other properties.


May 2018

European consumer products manufacturer

To test the benefits of graphene in packaging solutions for household and personal care markets.


June 2018

Arrow GreenTech

To provide our Graphinks products into the fast‑growing water soluble film market.


June 2018


To launch a new range of earphones and other audio equipment.


July 2018


To incorporate our Nanene and other 2D materials in its supercapacitor-type devices to enhance performance.


August 2018

Sporting Goods collaboration

Incorporation of Nanene into polymer, leather, elastomers and textile structures in the amateur and professional football sectors.