A great British success story on the other side of the globe

In 2019/20 Versarien entered into many collaborations with global partners. We completed the rigorous process required to achieve the award of a £5 million Innovate UK loan and our focus is now very much on the monetisation of the graphene technologies in our portfolio.


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About us

We utilise proprietary materials technology to create innovative engineering solutions that are capable of having game-changing impact in a broad variety of industry sectors.

Founded in 2010, we have continued to develop advanced materials and processes to satisfy customer-specific applications whilst expanding our portfolio of intellectual property through acquisition.

Our product offerings are capable of having a game-changing impact in a broad variety of industry sectors.



“Over the past years, our research and development, subsequent accreditations and support from our much-valued partners allow Versarien to be in the best possible position for commercialisation of our products both in the UK and globally.”



March 2020

Beijing Versarien Technology Limited

Beijing Versarien Technology Limited is the wholly owned Chinese foreign entity that will form the base for expansion activities in China.

March 2019

Versarien Graphene Inc

Versarien Graphene Inc, based in Texas, is the distribution arm for the UK’s graphene development technologies.

October 2018

Gnanomat S.L.

Gnanomat S.L. based in the Parque Científico Madrid, Spain, is a company capable of utilising Versarien’s graphene products in an environmentally friendly, scalable production process for energy storage devices.


January 2017

Cambridge Graphene Limited

Cambridge Graphene Limited supplies novel graphene inks and develops graphene/2D materials technology and applications.


October 2016

AAC Cyroma Limited

Using Versarien’s existing graphene manufacturing capabilities, AAC Cyroma will have the ability to produce graphene enhanced plastic products.


May 2014

2-DTech Limited

2-DTech Limited specialises in the supply of graphene products and the transfer of fundamental science to applied technology.

July 2013

Total Carbide Limited

Total Carbide Limited is a leading European manufacturer of sintered tungsten carbide primarily for arduous environment applications in the oil and gas industry.

December 2010

Versarien Technologies Limited 

Versarien Technologies Limited has developed an additive for creating microporous metals targeting the thermal management industry and supplies extruded aluminium.