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The management team at Versarien plc has a clear, well defined goal – to develop the Company into a large technology-led employer with UK-based manufacturing and research facilities. The Company is already investing heavily in both the capital equipment and human resources needed to make this goal achievable. The Company has an apprentice programme in place and is providing financial support to both graduate and postgraduate students.

Versarien plc and companies like it will enable the UK to revitalise its economy using home-grown engineering talent. It has shown that state-of-the-art technology developed in British universities can be combined with onshore manufacture to bring a product to market that tackles a key problem affecting many different industry sectors across the globe.

Please contact us if you think you can make a difference to our business.

Current vacancies

Chief Technology Officer




Versarien Plc is looking for a Chief Technology Officer who is passionate about delivering high quality graphene solutions to multi-national blue chip entities on a commercial basis. The CTO will be responsible for growing and nurturing a team of graphene technologists to provide solutions and create partnerships with the division’s growing pipeline of blue chip enquiries.

Responsibilities will include:

  • the development of long-term technology roadmaps
  • driving execution and enabling teams to meet deliverables always ensuring appropriate investment
  • providing thought leadership
  • researching and evaluating cutting edge practices
  • enabling technologies for internal adoption
  • establishing governance to ensure that projects and schedules are achieved
  • communicating technicals strategy to management, staff, customers and stakeholders

Minimum qualifications – PhD in advanced materials from a Russell Group University

Interested applicants should submit their CV to


Project Scientist



A position exists for a Project Scientist to work with our Cambridge Graphene Ltd. subsidiary on developing conductive graphene inks and other 2d material inks predominantly for battery and supercapacitor applications.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Optimization and formulation of aqueous and solvent based inks and dispersions for a wide range of printing and coating techniques (e.g. doctor blade, spray coating, inkjet, flexo, gravure, screen printing).
  • Characterising and quality checking the material and ink properties (graphene particle size, quality, conductivity, ink rheology, surface tension, etc.)
  • Develop applications such as energy storage and harvesting devices, smart packaging, touch screens, flexible electronics and sensors, for example.
  • Drafting industry research proposals such as InnovateUK projects and working with other Versarien companies.

Minimum qualifications – a PhD in Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Materials Science or closely related discipline. Preference will be given to candidates with proven expertise in preparation, optimisation, and characterization of inks based on graphene and related materials.

To apply for this vacancy please send your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a covering letter to Stephen Hodge